PDT Architects visits maker spaces in RI with Caribou Middle School

Here is Leland Caron, principal of Caribou Middle School, at AS220 in Providence last week as part of our tour of maker spaces, innovation centers, and project -based learning environments. We spent the better part of two days visiting schools and talking to educators as we begin to design RSU 39's new innovation center.


Jane McCall, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction at RSU 39; Leland Caron; Alan Kuniholm and Chelsea Lipham of PDT Architects; and Adam Tilove, head of the Jewish Community Day School of Rhode Island, visited the Rhode Island School of Design, Moses Brown School, Brown University, Wheeler School, AS220, and Berwick Academy, where they visited maker spaces, innovation spaces, and project-based learning environments.


Current designs for the new pre-K-8 school in Caribou call for a maker space in the heart of the school, where students will learn to define problems, collaborate on solutions, choose materials, and gain skills in many different disciplines.


--Alan Kuniholm