PDT Site Visit to Portland Gastro/Maine Eye

Last week the PDT staff toured the 161 Marginal Way construction site. Two healthcare practices, each with an ambulatory surgery center, are transforming the former DHHS building in Portland. Each practice is taking two floors of the 4-story building, with shared core functions (elevator, stairs, delivery, storage). The intense utility requirements for medical practice triggered considerable…

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Preparing for an Urban Age: Alex Krieger lecture, October 25, 2016

On Tuesday night at the Portland High School auditorium, Alex Krieger discussed the migration habits of civilizations from cramped urban predefined centers to spacious undeveloped suburbs . . . and back. Krieger is an urban planner with NBBJ, though his work involving city trends, population migration, and local cultures seems more anthropological. A brief history…

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Meeting House Lofts Wins 2016 Historic Preservation Award from Greater Portland Landmarks

  We are very proud that Meeting House Lofts–developer Ethan Boxer-Macomber’s condominium  project in South Portland–has won a 2016 Histiric Preservation Award from Greater Portland Landmarks in the Adaptive Reuse Category. The awards will be presented on September 28 at the Maine Irish Heritage Center. John Calvin Stevens designed the Roosevelt School, built in 1927-28, as…

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Move the Tables! Thornton Academy’s Scamman Science Building Addition

   Honors Chemistry teacher Teri Arenstam has arranged the long tables conference-style so she can start the class with a face-to-face explanation of the chemical reactions of their soap-making experiment. Once she’s gone through the steps and safety precautions (they’re using lye), the students disburse in teams to smaller work tables along the edge of the room,…

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Complex floor at Freeport High School

Here’s the cast-in-place concrete floor being poured at the lower level of the Freeport High School addition. Workers are leveling the freshly placed concrete and performing various finishing activities. What might seem like a simple floor system actually has many components that work together. The yellow material being covered in concrete is the under-slab vapor…

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Is your site where and what you think it is? Surprise!

As the owner or leader of the ownership entity, you may think you are pretty familiar with your site and the parcels that make up that site. When you’re thinking about new construction or an addition on your property–that is the time to do some thorough site investigation. If you furnish thorough, accurate site documentation…

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Photographing the Capital Judicial Center #1

Beautiful September Saturday morning, early, walking out over the Kennebec on the pedestrian walkway of Augusta’s Memorial Bridge. The bridge isn’t vibrating nearly as scarily as it had during the scouting trips. There’s a barrier between us and the cars and trucks, which is good because they’re whizzing by only a few feet away. I’ve explained to Sandy, the photographer, and Justin, her assistant, that we don’t have to use a ladder to shoot over the chainlink fence, and we don’t have to shoot through the holes. We can just shoot under the fence.

February 2014 Field Report: Augusta Court Facility

Dave Lewis, LEED AP, construction administrator for PDT Architects and Maine licensed architect, was in Augusta last Friday to join technicians from Simpson Gumpertz Heger and Consigli Construction in testing the curtain wall portions of the Augusta Court Facility mockup panels for air and water infiltration. Similar to building envelope commissioning, which occurs on the actual…

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January 2014 Field Report: Augusta Court Facility

Bob Curtis was on site at the Augusta Courthouse earlier this week. This is Consigli Construction’s  hopper for the spray-cellulose (K-13) insulation applicator. The material comes in slightly compressed, shrink-wrapped bales, similar to other blown insulation products.  A machine combines it with water and adhesive to form a slurry which is blown onto the substrate, in this…

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