Jordan Stickles Designs His Future


Nineteen-year-old Jordan Stickles, PDT’s winter intern and a sophomore at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, has the enviable distinction of knowing exactly what he wants to do and who he wants to work for. While many interns come to PDT to sample the profession, looking for direction, Jordan has been pursuing a very specific career path since high school. Growing up in Biddeford, Maine, Jordan was always building Lego and K’nex projects, but his coursework at the Biddeford Regional Center of Technology and Biddeford High School showed him how to use his aptitude for design to move toward a career. Edward Driscoll’s classes in engineering and architectural design were a turning point—introducing him to the profession, the skills he would need, and the work it would take to get there.

First, out of his very selective list of New England colleges offering architectural degrees, he got in to Wentworth, his first choice. Now he is concentrating on staying in the top 10% of the class so he will have a chance at the next goal: a professional internship at Disney in Florida, in the summer of 2018.

Jordan has visited Disney on family vacations almost every year since he was three. He was captivated early by the place—especially the varied international architecture in the World Showcase at the Epcot Center—and has dreamed of working there since he can remember. Most people go to Disney to be swept away by the illusion, but Jordan wants a technical understanding of how it works backstage, and to have a role in designing new experiences for the people who flock there.

Meanwhile, he’s at PDT for a look into the architecture work force, working on a VA hospital project and learning his craft. Lego block by Lego block, he’s fitting his career together and advancing toward his dream job.

--Susan Ransom