Credit unions are owned by their members, and a well-designed credit union building is member-focused. Credit union clients tend to prefer energy-efficient, solid, well-built buildings that are attractive places to transact business. They tend to see their buildings in the practical way they assess other community investments.

Credit unions work for the greater good—whether founded by teachers, employers, hospital employees, or other community groups. A credit union is a way for people to pool their wealth and invest in each other so everybody prospers.

“People who work in credit unions are very business-oriented, very conscious of their accountability to members. I like working with them because I like the way they think—that accountability is really embodied in their core values. They don’t spend money frivolously, they make sure every dollar benefits the members,” said Brian Curley, PDT’s president, who specializes in credit union projects.

Current and recent credit union projects

Cumberland County Federal Credit Union, Yarmouth Branch

  • In design

TruChoice Federal Credit Union, Biddeford Branch

  • Completed 2017