Middle school students, transitioning from childhood to adulthood, are changing emotionally and socially at a rapid pace, and need a physical environment that can nurture and allow for growing independence. 

Our best middle schools offer a broad range of environments that allow students to work independently, in small groups, and in larger “house” formations.  Most middle schools strive to maintain a cohesive social unit of 75-100 students, the neighborhood house, where students can build strong social connections and are known by every teacher.

Our middle schools function best when they have hands-on learning studios that can support STEM maker spaces and libraries that are evolving into learning commons where students find support for using computers, technology, and traditional model-making tools.

Our middle school designs reflect each communities’ unique organization, whether it is supporting team teaching, increased student support services, lower student/staff ratios, or traditional independent study.

Current middle school projects

RSU #39 preK-8 School, Caribou

  • New construction
  • Referendum passed February 2017
  • Completion expected September 2020

Brunswick Middle School

  • Planning study for renovations and additions

Windham Middle SCHOOL

  • Planning new and expanded middle school for grades 5-8