We think about the total person:

To us, best practices in housing involve thinking through the daily lives of the people who will live there: It’s a process of imagining the ways the design can make their lives easier, safer, and more comfortable, both inside and outside the building.

The list is very long—from the interior design of the individual units to building amenities and parking, to the pedestrian-friendly design of the site. We consider connections to the neighborhood, entrances and views, access to transportation and health care, accessibility. Every project is as energy-efficient and low-maintenance as we can make it, with a high proportion of usable space and natural light.

And we know how convenience and comfort can go a long away. How convenient is laundry? Can the unit adapt as the resident grows older? Does the design of common spaces encourage people to greet each other and have spontaneous conversations?

“We commend PDT Architects for their architectural vision for Meetinghouse Lofts. The project team embraced a high level of preservation standards in a community without a preservation ordinance or requirements for a formal design review. The project compatibly revitalizes a vacant school building and preserves a valued neighborhood landmark.”

—Citation for the 2016 Preservation Honor Award, Greater Portland Landmarks