Your vision.

PDT's clients are sometimes surprised at our initial questions. As one client put it, “I came to the first meeting expecting to talk about where to put the walls, and we spent the entire time talking about how my company sees itself in the future of my industry.”

We tailor each process to your vision of your future. Depending on the client, we might gather information using:

  • a daylong public design charrette for a town facilities study
  • a series of teacher interviews for a public school
  • an intensive workflow analysis for a medical practice
  • a series of small staff meetings for a corporate client
  • a competitor benchmarking field trip for a banking organization

We start to design after we know what the client is about and what they need.

PDT's process has led to many success stories:

  • At a private school, a series of workshops attended by trustees, administrators, teachers, parents, and students channeled the energy from a preconceived auditorium renovation to a much-needed middle school project.
  • For a health care provider, a series of interviews and meetings became a tool for the client to address issues typically part of a strategic business plan, which then altered the space needs and organization of the building.
  • At a multi-location HMO, a transactional analysis allowed the organization to better express its philosophical approach to health care in the relationship of the patients and medical providers.

Think of having an architect within your organization who understands you well enough to create an environment that fits like your favorite coat.

That would be us.