Project information

  • New construction on an urban site

  • 16 affordable townhouse and flat condominiums: 8 2-BR and 8 3-BR

  • Project cost $4.24M

  • Completed 2013

Portland, ME


On the Vesper Street side, the condominiums have elevated entries that provide privacy and engage traditional patterns.

Off-street parking is incorporated in a mews between housing blocks.

Trash, recycling, and outdoor equipment storage are located within the mews.

Some of the units front directly onto Marada Adams Park, which has a gathering space, play equipment, and a bike path. The sightlines of Beckett Street, which used to cross this site until the Marada Adams School was built in the 1950s, are kept open by the park.

Each unit along the park has an enclosed private entry space, restoring traditional patterns off Beckett Street.

This project, on the former Marada Adams School site on Munjoy Hill, covers 1.5 acres in a residential neighborhood. Once bisected by Beckett Street, the site has been a school and neighborhood playground/green space since 1958.

The design criteria were clear: reclaim a brownfield site, contribute to the family housing mix on Munjoy Hill, provide a neighborhood green space, design buildings to reflect the surrounding 19th- and early 20th-century housing, and restore traditional entry patterns and visibility to Casco Bay by reestablishing Beckett Street as a private/public pedestrian way.

The park, which keeps the sightlines of Beckett Street open, provides a pedestrian and bicycle pathway, a playground, and a gathering space.

Photo credit: © Jeff Stevensen

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