Hybrid Operating Room

Design was recently completed for a new 1,250-sf hybrid operating room and adjoining control room. A hybrid OR merges the surgical capability of a large-scale OR with the imaging advantages of a catheterization lab. It allows for less invasive, safer procedures, leading to an increase in positive outcomes and faster patient recovery. The hybrid operating room will incorporate the most current integrated operating room technologies. A modular ceiling diffuser system, which removes contaminants and provides HEPA-filtered air, will be hung directly above the patient table. An X-ray imaging system that moves freely in the treatment area will provide more room around the patient table and allow easy access to other equipment. An engineered modular ceiling and wall system with stainless steel clad surfaces will support flexibility and minimize downtime to adapt the room for continually changing needs.

Evidence-based design and a sustainable design approach will support the health and safety of both the patients and the caregivers.

Hybrid OR 3D Plan
Hybrid OR View

PDT's healthcare studio is also working on an ICU renovation, hospital imaging rooms, a surgery center master plan, an audiology center, and a neuroscience research facility that includes exam rooms, imaging and testing rooms, research offices and lab spaces.

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