Project information

  • Renovation 6,500 sf



Lewiston, ME


Provider bullpen centrally located with full visibility of exam rooms

Treatment corridor with dictation booths

X-ray room

Treatment room

Central Maine Urgent Care satisfies a growing demand of patients seeking more convenient options for after-hours care, where appointments aren’t needed and wait times are minimal.  It also helps steer non-emergency patients away from the emergency room. The location for the facility was chosen for its high visibility and easy access, with frontage along one of the city’s main streets. 

The building, formerly used for retail, required significant upgrades. The envelope and utility infrastructure were substandard for the building’s new use, and most everything needed to be replaced including gas, water, and electrical services, HVAC, fire alarm system, and emergency generator.  The building exterior was redesigned to align with the hospital’s branded features, and the envelope was upgraded for energy efficiency.

The program includes six exam rooms, a treatment room, xray, lab, and retail pharmacy. The lab and pharmacy are accessed directly from the waiting room for patients needing their services. The clinical core includes a centrally located provider work core with exam rooms at its perimeter. The bullpen work area is fully enclosed with glass for complete visibility of treatment areas. An ambulance entrance was located directly off the clinical core. Backstage corridors provide staff access to the lab and pharmacy. 

Photo credit: © Jeffrey Stevensen

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