Project information

  • New construction 133,000 sf

  • Renovation 87,000 sf

  • Student body 900

  • Construction cost $50M

  • Completed 2013

Honors & Awards

  • Lee J. Brockway Award for School Design, Association for Learning Environments (formerly CEFPI)

  • LEED for Schools Certified

Farmington, ME


The existing 3-story classroom wing on the right received a deep energy retrofit to match the energy performance of the new wing on the left.

High windows in office areas bring daylight into public and working spaces.

Although Mt. Blue Campus is on top of a rural hill outside of town, it is a lively crossroads of the high school, technology center, and adult education program.

The building trades space is large enough to build small structures.

The auto mechanics, building trades, fire protection, and composites spaces have high-efficiency air quality systems and access to the outdoors through overhead garage doors.

Overhead garage doors can subdivide the food court into three spaces for conferences, meetings, and study.

In the Forum, a system of movable background panels provides flexible backgrounds for different kinds of rehearsals and presentations.

The main street of the school organizes all of the public spaces: Bjorn Auditorium, administration, concession stand, food court, the Forum, library, and café.

The entrance to the Bjorn Auditorium, across from main entry and administration area.

This major overhaul of the Mt. Blue High School/Foster Technical Center campus serves as a state model for fully integrating career technical education (CTE) with an academic high school. The organizational principles place academic classrooms directly adjacent to CTE labs and scatter CTE programs throughout the floor plan, allowing for complete integration between the two.

The building incorporates multiple alternative energy technologies such as wood chips, geothermal, solar hot water heating, electrical wind generators, and photovoltaic panels. All of the alternative energy technologies have been designed to be monitored as part of the school curriculum.

The building was designed with 1-, 2-, and 3-story instructional blocks, with shorter blocks designed for future expansion.

There are two new performance spaces: a 500-seat, two-story auditorium to serve the theater, music, dance, and video media programs, and a 250-seat performance space for academic lectures, meetings of the faculty senate, and small group performances.

For a presentation on the sustainable features of the building, click here.

For a video of the project, click here.

Photo credits: © Sandy Agrafiotis Aerial photo by Maine Imaging

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