Project information

  • Renovation 24,000 sf

  • Completed 2009

Portland, ME


The front of the building received a light-touch renovation, with a new color scheme approved by the Historic Preservation Commission.

The historic Nathan Winslow Block fronts on Portland’s busy Commercial Street and houses retail, a restaurant, and offices on the floors above.

The back door to the Nathan Winslow Block.

In contrast to the respectful treatment of the historic façade, the sculptural renovation of the lobby is strikingly modern, with embedded lights and a TV screen at the elevator door.

The sparkling curved wall adds the illusion of space at the end of the long hall.

A light “cloud” and corresponding carpet oval reassure visitors that they are in the right place.

Long occupied by one of Portland’s largest law firms, 245-251 Commercial St., first renovated by PDT in 1985, was sold to a new owner and renovated for offices, retail, and a restaurant.

Working with the city Historic Preservation Commission, PDT settled on a light-touch exterior façade renovation with new windows and color schemes.

In the lobby, the exposed brick side wall was retained and a new, sculptural light wall adds interest while providing sound insulation from the restaurant next door. New carpet, wallcoverings, lighting, and an oval ceiling panel add modern notes that contrast with the traditional exterior. Four floors of offices, corridors, and bathrooms were renovated and repainted.  

Photo credits: © Sandy Agrafiotis

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