Project information

  • New construction 165,000 sf

  • Renovation 100,000 sf

  • Student body 1,240 from eight towns

  • Completed 1998

South Paris, ME


New entries provide contrasting elements and visibility.

The round form on the right is the Forum, which opens directly off the front entry for the convenience of community groups using the space after hours.

The upper level of the cafetorium includes local art.

Community hubs or rotundas connect major public spaces and offer opportunities to display art and awards.

Integrated signage provides graphic wayfinding.

The forum is a 300-seat 180-degree theater in the round offering flexibility for a wide range of presentations.

An extensive site search revealed the community’s preference for a renovation/addition process that would leave the school in the heart of South Paris, but the site was too small for adequate athletic facilities. An abandoned industrial property a few blocks away was remediated and is now the Gouin Athletic Complex, with a football stadium, 8-lane running track, arena, and playfields.

After the school opened with the new comprehensive curriculum, the number of students signed up for vocational courses rose from 100 to 400, more than a third of the student body.

The first comprehensive high school in the State of Maine, Oxford Hills combines existing high and technical schools into a single institution offering “seamless” education with a high degree of collaboration between vocational and academic programs.

The school is organized in six specialty clusters, all centered around a communications core consisting of the media center, the television studio, and presentation/community meeting rooms.

A main street running through the heart of the building connects the major functions: school store, administration area, library/media center, cafeteria/auditorium, and gym.

PDT conceived a program for enhancing community auditorium facilities by converting the existing auditorium into a cafeteria/auditorium with 600 seats and creating a new horseshoe-shaped intimate forum with 300 seats.

A central human services area combines the traditionally separate functions of administration, guidance, the nurse, community education, and the athletic director. The new library was built into the old gymnasium space.

Photo credits (except night shot of front entry): © Greg Morley

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