Project information

  • Renovation 2,000 sf

  • Construction cost: $1.1M

  • Completed 2013

Portland, ME


Bright color and crisp lines help this small branch stand out against larger buildings on either side and the ballpark across the street.

The new entry plaza uses bright color, landscaping, an accessible entry, lighting, and new signage to attract members.

Curved ceiling panels give an illusion of space by emphasizing the height of this very narrow room.

The drivethrough is tucked behind the building but is easy to navigate with its bright red columns.

Tube skylights and borrowed light through the glass-enclosed offices help keep this narrow space bright.

The new curved teller line is roomier and more secure and allows members and employees many points of interaction while transacting business.

PDT was tasked with solving several operational issues, introducing a new "front door," providing a space at the center of the lobby for members to wait—physically embodying a members-first approach—and connecting with the changing daylight outside with larger windows, tube skylights, and transparent office walls.

The branch remained in full operation during construction, and the renovation allows this "background" building to really shine with a modern new entry, drive-through, and courtyard opening to the street.

Photo credit: © Jeff Stevensen

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