Project information

  • Completed 2015

Portland, ME


The huge murals in the Science Lobby are visible for blocks away at night.

Dramatic images were taken from many scientific disciplines—astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics.

Intensely colorful and detailed images captivate school groups on their way downstairs to the Southworth Planetarium.

The 18-foot image from the Hubble Space Telescope of the Orion Nebula is the siren attracting visitors downstairs to the Southworth Planetarium.

What began as a very straightforward light-touch renovation to USM’s 1970s-era Science Building became an opportunity to enliven a building that is frequented by students and campus visitors.

Large-scale images were introduced to fill the walls over the benches where students gather to sit and study. Today’s visitors are used to having all kinds of images available at their fingertips, but here they are introduced to the dramatic, powerful detail of the sciences on a much larger graphic scale.

The 10 x 10-foot images explode with color and provoke viewers to question what it is they are seeing.

Photo credit: © PDT Architects

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