Project information

  • Exterior cladding, door, and window replacement for 64 units

  • Construction cost $3.8M

  • completion 2014

Cape Elizabeth, ME


Investigators found that decades of moisture infiltration had led to spreading deterioration.

Every unit was reclad, with new insulation, air barrier, and siding.

Construction was coordinated with individual owners’ schedules to avoid as much disruption as possible.

All entries received new door and gutters, and shrubs were cut away from foundations.

Moisture infiltration was causing problems with rot, mold, leaks, and discoloration on all the units in this 1980s-era condo development. Deteriorating siding, inadequate insulation, leaky windows, and moldy smells motivated the condo association to ask for a destructive investigation of these common problems. PDT and its consultant removed siding and investigated the deterioration.

Every aspect of the project involved directing excess moisture away from the buildings, allowing the buildings to breathe and dry out. Every unit was reclad with a low-maintenance envelope system, all windows and patio doors were replaced, and shrubbery was cut away from foundations. The new cladding system integrates continuous insulation, air barrier, low-maintenance siding, and gutters.

For the Wildwood Conditions Report, click here.

For a PowerPoint presentation given to the Wildwood Owners’ Meeting, click here.

Photo credit: © Jeff Stevensen

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